My first attendance at an exhibition

Last month I attended a small exhibition in a coffee shop for the first time. The chinese letter is the name of a tree on the moon and it means the moon in China.
The words are 'When your heart is calm, your voice is soft and your acts are deliberate'; the words of Myoye, a Zen priest in Kamakura era. I was helped with the translation by Mr. Warren Gehl in Kumamoto Gakuen College.

My daughter got married

My last children Kae had a wedding ceremony in Saga City.
She now lives in Kurosaki, Kitakyushu City.
My sons live in Tokyo and Kyoto and so I feel it is much closer.
We can drive there in 3 hours and it is very lucky that my brother and his family's residence is five minutes drive from
my daughter's apartment.

I was on TV and CD jacket

Three years ago my fellow teacher who is a volunteer station master of a small unmanned station, I and our wives welcomed a TV star and musician Sekiguchi Tomohiro for NHK TV program.
He made a music CD, 'Songs of Traveling' and put a picture of us and my work on its jacket.

Title for a poster

My friend, an art teacher, will hold his private exbition at a gallery in Hitoyoshi.
He asked me to write the title for the poster.

Flower Arrangement EXB for Girls' Day

My wife belongs to a flower arrangement club.
The club is holding an exibition at a shrine with Girls' Day dolls and kimonos.
I was asked to write the title of it.