Exhibition in Holland オランダでの個展

EAE gallery

From last May 24 to July 6 I went to Holland with my wife,
my old friend and his wife.
My friend Mr Kodama is a astro-photographer from Fukuyama
City in Hiroshima.
We had an Exhibition at a gallery named 'Expansionist Art
Empire Gallery' in Leiden City. The city is famous as the birth place
of Rembrandt and the place Siebold went back from Nagasaki.

A chasing board for the departure to the front

 At the celemony of my brother-in-law's 'departure to the front'
one of the supporter made this chasing board with my writing.

Singing of a poem 詩吟

 A supporter sang for my wife's brother's second election
at the supporters' party last March.
I was asked to write his poem for it.

'A Lullaby of Wind'  風の子守唄

I wrote a panel of a song which was made by a music teacher and students of my brother's school.
It was put on the wall of the front gate of the school.

My brother's school motto

My brother is a principal of a junior school in a remote village Itsuki-mura.
He asked me to write a frame of school motto which is on the gym.