my work in chasing 彫金の作品

A Happy New Year!
The one of my work in chasing in Fukuyama Peace Exhibition
is as below. It was my first trial and I hope you will give me
some suggestions.

my work in chasing  彫金作品

'Takoyaki'--Baked cake with octopus

One of my former student opened a fast food shop of 'takoyaki'
this month and he asked me to make the sign.

The art exhibition of peace in Fukuyama

peace exhibition Fukuyama
Last August I was invited to the peace art exhibition in Fkuyama
 City in Hiroshima Prefecture.
This time I asked Mr Yamauchi, an chaser who asked me
the calligraphy for my brother-in-law's election, to chase
my work;  'Peace'-- World peace begins in the heart of each
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Attended the exhibition in Kumamoto

santensho exhibition
Last July I attended a exhibition at a coffee shop gallery in
Kumamoto City with my old friend Mr Tanigawa, an artist.
 The red frame; 'The earth' -- Our hometown is the earth
 The blue one ; 'The constitution'-- The Japanese people
forever renounce war ....
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