4th trial to write on a wooden board

This is my new work for Taragi SHS Calligraphy workshop.多良木高校の開放講座での作品です。合板に柿渋でいろをつけてます。

2 signs of my favorite coffee shop

 I made 2 signs for a coffee shop. They bake their coffee beans there.
私たち夫婦の好きな自家焙煎のコーヒー店の看板を書いてみました。 柿渋で色をつけました

Article of a newspaper with a photo of my works

This is a biggest newpaper in Hiroshima.

Peace Art Exhibition 2012 in Fukuyama City

I was invited the Peace Art Exhibition of 12 artist again this summer.
It was held during August 3 - 15.
My theme is ' Peace and water.'

A Little Budda

Last June I tried to make a wooden statue of Budda at the shrine
where I do sitting zen.
A sclupter of Budda from Kyoto taught us.
It was sent to the families who lost their children by the earthquake
and tsunami.